The City of Hurghada

The City of Hurghada

An overview of Hurghada:

The city of Hurghada is one of the most beautiful tourist cities in the world, because this city has features that distinguish it from other cities, as it is the administrative capital of the Red Sea Governorate, where the city of Hurghada is bordered to the north by the city of Ras Gharib, to the south by the city of Safaga, and to the east by the Red Sea coast and To the west, the Red Sea Mountains. 


The city of Hurghada also has various tourist attractions, such as religious and archaeological sites, and it also enjoys rare and natural mountain life. The origin of the residents of Hurghada goes back to the Juhayna, Rashaida, and Maaza tribes, and the residents speak a mixed dialect of the Bedouin dialect and the Egyptian dialect.


Features of Hurghada:

The city of Hurghada is characterized by a wonderful atmosphere in terms of the picturesque view and charming nature, as it includes desert, mountainous and marine areas. The city of Hurghada also enjoys a moderate temperature throughout the year, as the weather is hot during the day and cold at night, and the maximum cold reaches 18 degrees Celsius, peaking at 42 degrees Celsius, as the total area of the city of Hurghada is 460.5 km2, and it is considered the fourth city in terms of area among the cities of the Red Sea Governorate. The city of Hurghada includes many tourist resorts and has more than excellent services.


The reason for calling the city of Hurghada by this name:

The original name of the city of Hurghada is “Har Ghada”, in reference to a desert area known as Desha Har Ghada, and there is a difference of opinion that says that the reason for calling the city of Hurghada by this name is due to a plant called Hurghada, which is known as “the grape of the deeb” or “the devil’s turquoise”. A natural plant that has been growing since ancient times.

The city of Hurghada was established in 1905 AD. In the beginning, the city included a group of primitive houses inhabited by Bedouins. The residents worked in fishing and pearl fishing, which made the city acquire a Bedouin character. The Armed Forces Water Sports Club building was constructed, which is considered a tourist attraction until now.


Tourist attractions in Hurghada:

The tourist attractions in Hurghada are diverse, including resorts, monuments, parks, markets, and many tourist activities. Therefore, Hurghada is considered a suitable place for family vacations and for spending beautiful recreational activities and enjoying Hurghada’s beaches and gardens. Examples of these landmarks are:
Sea World” is considered one of the most important tourist places in the city of Hurghada, as a large number of tourists and visitors visit this place. It was established in order to implement all modern requirements, preserve the life of marine animals, and make this place leave an impact on the souls of visitors that they will never forget.
There is also the Sand Museum in Hurghada, where the Sand Museum in Hurghada is considered one of the most famous tourist attractions in the city of Hurghada, as the Sand Museum is the first of its kind in North Africa and the Middle East region, and the Sand Museum includes 42 statues made by 42 international sculptors.
There is also Giftun Island near the city of Hurghada, where Giftun Island is characterized by soft sand beaches surrounded by diving sites.
The island includes 14 diving sites in addition to wonderful natural landmarks. There is also “Magawish Island” in Hurghada, as it is one of the largest tourist islands in Hurghada and it is called the “Red Sea Paradise,” and it enjoys tranquility in beautiful activities such as surfing and others.

There is also Abu Minqar Island, which was given this name because its eastern end is in the form of a tongue of sand in a zigzag shape that greatly resembles a bird’s beak. It includes a large number of trees, as well as “Shadwan” Island, the largest coral reef island in the Gobal Strait, and also Umm Qamar Island


Orange Bay Island is characterized by a long sandy beach, clear water, and restaurants on the sea. El Gouna is also distinguished by its architectural character, which consists of neighborhoods surrounded by greenery. 


Among the most famous neighborhoods of El Gouna is the Arab-Islamic neighborhood, and also Sahl Hasheesh, which contains many luxury hotels and resorts, and there are also malls such as Esplana. Mall, Sinzomall, Cleopatra Centre, Al Baraka Oil Company, Sakkala area, the wonderful Abdel Moneim Riad Mosque.
All of this makes Hurghada a destination that every visitor enjoys and longs for far and wide.


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