How to choose and book a Nile cruise in Egypt?

How to choose and book a Nile cruise in Egypt?

The full guide to choose your most suitable Nile cruise in Egypt

Several tourists who visit Egypt wish to have the best experience sailing down the Nile in the land of the Pharaohs. However, there are always these doubts and questions about How to choose and book a Nile cruise in Egypt? or which Nile cruise would be the most perfect choice for various travelers coming from dissimilar backgrounds and have different requirements.


In fact, Nile cruises represent one of the finest options to explore the ancient Egyptian historical sites in Southern Egypt in Aswan, Luxor, and Abu Simbel. This is in addition to the experience of sailing the Nile itself which is quite remarkable and relaxing. Over and above, enjoy the luxurious Nile cruise ships and the marvelous facilities they offer.


Nevertheless, tourists who visit Egypt should put many factors into consideration in order to choose the best Nile cruises that best fulfill their needs and provide them with a journey of a lifetime. We will highlight the best advice for choosing Nile cruises in Egypt.

How to choose and book a Nile cruise in Egypt?


Outline your budget or the amount of money you are willing to pay for the Nile cruise journey

The first and perhaps significantly important step is to identify simply how much you are willing to pay for your Nile Cruise while visiting Egypt.  You have to put into consideration things including domestic transportation inside Egypt, personal expenses, and the cost of the Nile cruise itself. 


One advantage about almost all Nile cruises in Egypt is that they offer full board meal including breakfast, lunch, dinner, and sometimes tea and snacks. Thus, you don’t have to pay for your meals all over your journey in the Nile cruise ship.


Another advantage is that all Nile cruises offer a complete program of visits to all the major highlights included with transportation in case they need. Therefore, this is another element you shouldn’t worry about.


You also have to know the cost you will pay for your Nile cruise trip including the prices for all the passengers you have in your group including children.


Now, if you have a limited budget, your best choice would be to book a standard or less expensive Nile cruise ship. If you have a bigger budget, perhaps it’s preferred to book in a luxury Nile cruise ship to enjoy the highest levels of services and the best facilities.

Carry out the required search to find your best choice

After deciding on the budget, you must know the best option you have in return for the price that you pay. What we mean here is that if you are willing to pay an XX amount of money, you will find several cruises that cost these amounts. Thus, it’s always great to get the best value for money.


Find the best accommodation in Nile Cruises in Egypt

An important factor you should watch out for is the type of accommodation. This is because simply, various Nile cruise ships provide different types of accommodation that range from small cabins to luxurious, large, and spacious suites. It all depends on factor number one or the amount of money you are willing to allocate for your Nile cruise journey in Egypt.


The types of Nile cruises in Egypt

Egypt has all what it takes to make all tourists with dissimilar backgrounds, nationalities, and budgets satisfied and happy during their Nile cruise in the land of the pharaohs.


However, the main type of Nile cruise ships available in Egypt are the deluxe luxurious ships that offer the highest levels of services and facilities. Booking a luxury Nile River cruise is never a wrong choice as they offer full board meals, a comprehensive visits’ program, and top-notch services and facilities, with quite competitive prices.


The facilities of the best Nile cruises in Egypt include swimming pools, sundecks, a five stars’ restaurant offering all meals, free Wifi, some small shops inside the ship, and fully equipped cabins with TVs and showers.


On the other hand, Egypt also offers some choices for budget travelers to enjoy Nile cruises in Egypt. These Nile cruise ships provide adequate services and some of the best facilities. Some tourists prefer these sorts of Nile cruises in order to save money and at the same time enjoy a great Nile cruise.


Double check that all the facilities you need are available in the Nile Cruise you choose

If you are looking for basic needs of any journey or trip, you have to know that all Nile cruise ships in Egypt offer these needs. However, in case that you require special or certain services or facilities, you have to double check if they are present in the Nile cruise you select.


Generally speaking, almost all Nile cruises provide a wide group of services and facilities including sundecks, restaurants, internet, medical support when needed, hot water in bathrooms, and many other things. Nevertheless, you need to make sure if you need any special or particular.

Carefully choose the destination of your Nile Cruise

In Egypt, there are mainly two roots for Nile cruises. The first is from Luxor to Aswan, and vice versa. The second is from Aswan to Abu Simbel, and the other way around.


These two routs differ in the visits that would be included in your Nile Cruise journey. So, for instance, if you wish to explore the Karnak Temple or the Valley of the Kings, make sure you select a Nile cruise that begins or ends in Luxor. The same applies if you want to discover the secrets of the Abu Simbel Temple, then you should select a Nile Cruise that goes there.


Another important piece of information is that there are a number of Nile cruise ships in Egypt. The first is the standard ships that provide simple or basic services and facilities. The second is the luxurious ships with top-notch facilities with the highest standards of services. Another wonderful choice of Nile cruises in Egypt is the Dahabiya Nile cruise. These special ships are the recreation of the ships the former family of Egypt used perhaps one hundred years ago to enjoy their journey down the Nile. Dahabiya ships represent a good choice for those who cherish their privacy and intimacy.



Book your Nile cruise through a reputable travel agency in Egypt

This advice has several benefits. The first and perhaps the most significant is that travel agencies receive a much better rate from Nile cruises, because simply they don’t only reserve a couple of rooms or cabins. Travel companies in Egypt usually book a large number of rooms. Thus, they get a better rate.

Another advantage is that the travel agency would assist you in picking the finest Nile cruises that best meet your needs and requirements. They have the expertise and the skills to offer you a memorable vacation in a Nile Cruise in Egypt.

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