The City of Dahab

Dahab, Egypt

About the city of Dahab:

It is a tourist city in South Sinai. It is located on the Gulf of Aqaba and is about 100 km away from the city of Sharm El-Sheikh. The city of Dahab is divided into two parts. The first is located in the south and is called the village of Al-Asla and is famous for its primitive Bedouin life. As for the second part, it is located in the north and is considered the soul and pulse of the city because of its inclusion. It has some commercial markets and entertainment places. 


The city of Dahab is also known for its clear beaches and natural diving sites rich in coral reefs. The city of Dahab initially emerged as a small village for fishermen, then gradually hotels and tourist villages were established, and that city became famous as a city of magic and beauty.


The reason for calling the city of Dahab by this name:

The city of Dahab was given this name due to the color of the sand on its beaches, which turns golden when it is bathed in sunlight everywhere.


Climate of Dahab:

The city of Dahab enjoys an Asian climate. The average temperature in the city of Dahab is 29 degrees Celsius throughout the year. The city of Dahab also has a wonderful climate in the winter, as it represents an excellent wintering area. The weather in the city of Dahab is pleasant and the sun is bright. The average sunshine in the city is about 10 hours a day. Dahab has a charming nature, as it is characterized by a low degree of humidity throughout the year.


Natural and tourist attractions in Dahab:

The city of Dahab includes many prominent tourist places, such as the “Blue Hole” area, which is one of the world-famous diving spots, the “Canyon” area, which is an excellent diving area, and the “Ras Abu Galum” area, which is a natural reserve, as well as a diving area. The city of Dahab also has a “” area. Al-Asla is an area with a population of approximately 75% of the city’s population. It is divided into three areas: Mubarak City, Al-Zarnouk and Al-Asla. There is also Coral Island in the city of Dahab, where the remains of a historic castle built by the Crusaders are located.

There is also the Al-Milil area, which is a road parallel to the coastal road, which includes some small hotels, cafeterias, and houses. There is also the Al-Milil area, which is a commercial and tourist area in the city of Dahab. It starts from Al-Fanar Street, then Al-Milil Bay, and includes a large group of shops, diving clubs, cafes, hotels, and the Al-Mashrabah area, where there is It has diving centers and includes the only antiquity found there, which is Tel Al-Mashrabah, which is a private warehouse for one of the ancient ports. The city of Dahab also includes government agencies, service and residential complexes, and the “Lighthouse, Ill Garden” and Oasis areas. The city of Dahab includes two bays, namely Laguna or Ghazala and Al-Qura.

There is also the Nabq Reserve, south of the city of Dahab on the Gulf of Aqaba, which is characterized by coral reefs, some sea caves, and the rare “mangrove” plant that grows in the salty waters of the Red Sea and whose roots live lobsters, crabs, and shrimps. There are three Bedouin tribes involved in environmental protection and tourism, and there are also Forces from the Egyptian army protect this reserve due to its environmental and tourism importance. The reserve is also distinguished by containing valleys rich in rare plants and sand dunes, as well as sea beaches, and there are many birds and animals. The city of Dahab also has the beginning of the Jewish River.


Tourist activities in the city of Dahab:

The city of Dahab is characterized by many tourist activities, and therefore tourists come to it from all over the world. It is frequented by surfing and sailboat enthusiasts due to the speed of the winds, due to the mountains surrounding it from several sides. As a result, high pressure appears in places and low pressure in other places. There is also the city of Dahab. Skydiving, mountain climbing and safari who want to enjoy the mountainous and desert nature and the moderate climate of the city of Dahab, which attracts everyone who sees it, and in the end you will not find anything better than the city of Dahab for spending holidays, because of its beauty, tranquility, moderate climate and quiet and clear beaches that make it an enjoyable trip that everyone loves.


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