The best budget Nile cruise ships in Egypt

The best budget Nile cruise ships in Egypt

Nile cruises, sailing between Aswan and Luxor and between Abu Simble and Aswan represent an amazing style and approach to enjoy a tour in Egypt.


Guests would enjoy the experience of sailing the Nile, the same as ancient Egyptians, nevertheless, with the highest levels of services and comforts.


Among the advantages of Nile Cruise ships in Egypt is that all the ships offer full board meals with delicious dishes from around the world. This is in addition to the entertainment program guests enjoy in the evening.


One of the merits of Nile cruises as well is the wonderful itineraries almost all Nile cruises provide to their guests. The program would include visiting the most impressive historical sites like the Temple of Philae, the High Dam, the Colossi of Memnon, the Valley of the Kings, and the Temples of Hatshepsut, Luxor, and Karnak.


Some visitors to Egypt would wonder if Nile cruises are affordable. Factually speaking, some Nile cruises in Egypt are rather expensive. However, there are several budget Nile cruises in Egypt that offer the best services and guarantee guests will have the best experience sailing the Nile.


We will shed light on the best budget Nile cruise ships in Egypt which are highly recommended for their prices and the level of services and facilities they provide.


M/S AL Nabilatan Nile River Cruise

M/S AL Nabilatan Nile River Cruise

Al Nabilatan Nile Cruise provides its visitors with the comforts of modern life while exploring and experiencing the majesty of the past. Sailing aboard Al Nabilatan is considered a wonderful experience because it is one of the most luxury on the Nile, having an international five-star rating.


Cabins Four luxurious suites and 62 luxurious cabins overlooking the River Nile, each with an internal telephone system, color TV with satellite (when the boat is docked), central video system, individually adjustable air conditioning, private bathroom with shower and hairdryer, mini-bar, and electronic safety deposit box.

Prices start from 424 $ per person.


Jaz Crown Jewel Nile Cruise

Jaz Crown Jewel Nile Cruise – Every Saturday from Luxor for 04 nights, and every Wednesday from Aswan for 03 nights.

The Nile Jewel Nile Cruise is one of the famous Nile cruise ships that sail down the Nile in Egypt. It provides guests with a distinctive experience sailing the Nile from Luxor to Aswan, and vice versa.

The ship offers 3 Nile cruises itineraries. Sailing Sundays from Luxor and Wednesdays from Aswan, guests may choose to spend 4, 5, and 8 days on a journey from Aswan and return back to Aswan and the same applies to Luxor.

Amazing features presented by Jaz Crown Jewel Nile Cruise include a lounge bar, a remarkable restaurant, sundeck, a swimming pool, a jewelry shop, spa & message, in addition to various spaces for socialization and enjoying memorable times.

Prices start from 560$ per person.


Princess Sarah II Nile Cruise

How would you like to sail down the Nile with a princess? This is what Princess Sarah II Nile Cruise provides. This charming Nile cruise ship hosts 66 comfortable cabins in addition to two junior suites and President Suites are 66 double cabins, 2 junior suites, and 2 President Suites.

With 3 Nile cruises programs for 4, 5, and 8 nights, Princess welcomes guests from Luxor every Saturday and from Aswan every Wednesday. In fact, there is a lot to expect from the princess. The features include a swimming pool, a remarkable sundeck, room service, free Wi-Fi, a special channel that broadcasts 3 new movies every day, and a gym.

Prices start from 500$ per person.


Nile Dolphin Budget Cruise 

M/S Nile Dolphin is one of the Nile cruise ships in Egypt with a proven record of success. Since its establishment more than 15 years ago, the ship has served hundreds of highly satisfied guests coming from all over the world to enjoy a wonderful Nile cruise in Egypt.


With only 63 fine cabins and two larger suites, M/S Nile Dolphin has all what it takes to offer tourists the best vacation ever. The features of M/S Nile Dolphin include a swimming pool, sundeck, Jacuzzi, free internet, and a business center. Moreover, M/S Nile Dolphin provides quite a comprehensive visits’ program to almost all highlights between Luxor and Aswan. The ship starts its journey from Luxor every Monday and from Aswan every Friday.

Prices start from 424$ per person.



Royal Beau Rivage Nile Cruise

When traveling on Royal Beau Rivage, there is a lot to look forward to.

With its traditional, timeless design and layout, guests are guaranteed to have a wonderful experience experiencing the gorgeous landscape and learning about the history of the South, beginning in Luxor and Aswan in the center of the Nile.

Cruise classification: 5 stars. Ultra Luxury Last Renovation: August 2022. Number of Decks: 4 + Sundeck. Number of Cabins: 71 Number of Suites: Two Mini Suites Style: Ultramodern. Length: 72 m, width: 14.10 m Height: 11.35 metres. 4 levels + sundeck (swimming pool) Cruise facilities:24-hour reception and room service. Laundry Currency Exchange. Free WiFi – Tel/Fax Luxurious, roomy cabins. Boutique/Gift Shop: Five-star dining. Luxurious bar and lounge Cabin distribution.

Prices start from 450$ per person.


Miss Egypt Nile Cruise 

M/S Miss Egypt is a five-star deluxe floating hotel, built and constructed under the supervision of ABS (American Bureau and Shipping).


The main restaurant is magnificent, with seating for 170 people. The walls are carpeted. The restaurant’s furniture is both stylish and cozy. Fine tablecloths adorned with bright flowers cover the tables. Each table receives silver-plated service.


A highly competent and properly trained crew is always available and eager to assist you.

Prices start from 450$ per person.


AL Fostat Nile Cruise

Al Fostat Nile Cruise has an official rating of five stars. We rank it as a Moderate Nile Cruise by Egyptian standards. There are 81 cabins on board the ship. The average cabin size is 18 square meters. Some cabins are on the lower deck. Each cabin on the El Fostat Nile Cruise has a large window.


Built on: 2002. Length: 72.00 m Width: 14.30 m Classification: Germanischer Lloyds Standards (Five-Star Deluxe). Number of rooms: 81 suites. 22m Suite amenities include a private bathroom/bath, a television, a central video/music system, an international phone line, and a minibar.Outlets include a lounge bar, restaurant, discotheque, gift shop, and boutique. Sundeck and bar. Swimming pool.Laundry and dry cleaning. Safes.General: Fully air-conditioned with an individual self-controlled fire alarm system.

Prices start from 400$ per person.


Nile Treasure Cruise

Nile Treasure Cruise

The Nile Treasure Nile Cruise is another great choice for travelers wishing to sail down the Nile without having to break the bank. The ship presents some of the finest service and facilities with quite affordable prices.


The ship offers two types of accommodations. The first is the Standard Twin Bed Cabin which is spacious room with windows to view the marvels of the Nile. Guests also get LCD TVs, Wi-Fi, and AC. The other choice is the Standard King Size Cabin which offers a larger bed for more comfort. The ship offers two Nile cruises’ programs. The first is for 3 nights starting from Aswan heading to Luxor. The other begins in Luxor for 4 nights till the guests reach Aswan.

Prices start from 500$ per person.


La Traviata Nile Cruise

La Traviata Nile Cruise

M/S La Traviata Nile Cruise has become one of the finest ships that sail down the Nile in Egypt and among the most popular among tourists who visit Egypt from all over the world.


The features of M/S La Traviata Nile Cruise include 4 decks, in addition to a distinctive sundeck, a large lounge to enjoy the best times with friends and family members, a library, a distinctive restaurant, a swimming pool, and a bar on the rooftop of the ship.


The ship hosts several rooms and cabins including 26 twin cabins and 14 double cabins. The amenities of the cabins include balconies, AC, mini bars, and internal phone for every cabin.

Prices start from 500$ per person.


Semiramis I Nile Cruise

Semiramis I Nile Cruise

The Semiramis I Nile Cruise is one of the less expensive yet enjoyable Nile cruises that provide a high standard of services with competitive prices.  The ship offers two programs for Nile cruises from Luxor to Aswan.  The first begins in Aswan on Mondays, for 4 nights, and ends in Luxor on Thursdays. The other begins in Luxor every Thursday, heading towards Aswan after 4 nights of enjoyable times and excitement.


The ship has 66 standard cabins and 4 suites with the finest decorations. The standard cabin has a surface area of 22 square meters and is equipped with some of the best facilities. The most important facilities and services available in M/S Semiramis I Nile Cruise include Wi-Fi, a gym, 2 bars, a swimming pool, and a spa.

Prices start from 500$ per person.


Tiyi Nile Cruise

M/S Tiyi Nile Cruise

Tiyi Nile Cruise is another example of the finest Nile cruises in Egypt that offer great services with less expensive prices. The ship offers two programs for Nile cruises. The first begins in Aswan every Friday for 4 nights and five days ending in Luxor on Friday. Naturally, the ship sails back from Luxor to Aswan every Monday; for 4 nights and 5 days.


The most marvelous features and services of Tiyi Nile Cruise include large soundproof, AC that all rooms can control, Televisions, mini bars, and walk-in showers. Tiyi Nile Cruise also offers a message center, a mini bar, and a fitness program.

Prices start from 500$ per person.


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