Siwa Oasis

Siwa Oasis: Where Beauty Meets History

Location and History

Siwa Oasis is situated in the Western Desert of Egypt, between Qattara Depression and the Great Sand Sea.
It is approximately 300 km southwest of Marsa Matruh on the northern coast of the Mediterranean Sea. Historically, Siwa Oasis was a center for trade and culture, and it is renowned for its archaeological and natural landmarks.



Size and Population: 

Siwa Oasis spans an approximate area of 80 km in length and 20 km in width. It is home to around 33,000 inhabitants, mostly Amazigh (Berber) people who have developed a distinct desert culture and speak Egyptian Arabic fluently. The residents live in scattered villages within the oasis, characterized by traditional mud-brick and thatch houses.


Water and Lakes: 

Siwa Oasis contains wells and springs used for irrigation, drinking water, and therapeutic purposes. It also features four major lakes: Zimzam Lake, Noor Lake, Basha Lake, and Mariout Lake.


Archaeological Sites in Siwa Oasis: 

Siwa is home to the Temple of Amun, which witnesses the phenomenon of the spring equinox twice a year. The temple dates back to Pharaonic times and holds sacred significance for the local population. Additionally, the oasis boasts the Mountain of the Dead, a collection of rock-cut tombs dating back to ancient eras. These tombs are an important archaeological site that attracts researchers and visitors.


Tourism and Culture

Therapeutic Tourism: Siwa is a global tourist destination during the winter season, offering natural elements suitable for alternative medicine. Visitors from around the world come to benefit from sand therapy and hot springs.
Safari Excursions: Safari trips using off-road vehicles are popular among Siwa’s visitors, allowing them to explore the surrounding desert.
Handicrafts: Siwa is known for its embroidery and handmade pottery, reflecting local artistic traditions.

In conclusion, Siwa Oasis combines natural beauty with ancient history, making it a place worthy of exploration and a unique experience in the heart of the Egyptian desert.


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