Sinai Peninsula

An overview of the Sinai Peninsula

It is a triangular desert peninsula located in the far west of Asia, within the Egyptian borders. The Sinai Peninsula was called the Land of Turquoise, and it was named the Land of Turquoise due to the large number of turquoise mines in it, as the turquoise stone is formed from igneous rocks and moisture. The Sinai Peninsula also connects Asia and Africa. The area of the Sinai Peninsula is 61,000 square kilometers, and there are holy and tourist places and agricultural lands. The Sinai Peninsula is bordered to the north by the Mediterranean Sea, to the south by the Red Sea, to the east by Palestine and the Gulf of Aqaba, and to the west by the Gulf of Suez and the Suez Canal.


Climate of the Sinai Peninsula :

Rainfall in the Sinai Peninsula in the northern region is more than in the southern region. Rainfall in the winter is little but abundant in the spring. In the summer, rain is completely nonexistent, while in the fall it may be absent in the months of September and October and it is heavy in the month of November. .
As for the winds, the winds are considered variable in the winter, and humidity increases at the southern end between the Gulfs of Suez and Aqaba.
The Sinai Peninsula relies for its agriculture on meager water sources represented by a small number of wells scattered throughout the Sinai Peninsula.


Economic development in the Sinai Peninsula:

It is worth noting that we highlight the Sinai Peninsula and its prominent role in development, and the Sinai Peninsula is qualified to open many areas for the people of Egypt, to establish urban, agricultural, industrial, tourism, mining and commercial communities, and the proximity of the Sinai Peninsula and its overlap with the territory of the Suez Canal, which is considered a vital artery of The arteries of the economy and international trade, and the Sinai Peninsula began projects to connect it to the Nile Valley and work to transform Sinai into an integrated strategic region. For this purpose, Sinai was re-divided into North Sinai Governorate and South Sinai Governorate.


The importance of the Sinai Peninsula:

The Sinai Peninsula is considered one of the most important places visited by tourists in Egypt, as the Sinai Peninsula is characterized by religious, cultural and natural characteristics that distinguish it from other regions, and contributes to raising national income in terms of attracting tourists from all over the world, and not just the European Union, by enjoying nature. The charming Sinai Peninsula in terms of beauty, embracing the Red Sea, and seeing the tourist attractions in North and South Sinai, such as sand baths that are used as a treatment for some diseases and hot mineral springs.


Tourist attractions in the Sinai Peninsula:

The Sinai Peninsula is famous for its holy places such as “St. Catherine’s Monastery” and Mount Sinai (Mount Moses), which are located in the middle of the desert, as it is the oldest anonymous monastery in the world, and it contains a library that includes the largest religious collection after the Vatican. 


As for Mount Sinai, it is one of the highest mountains. In the entire city, and through this mountain we see wonderful views of sunset and sunrise. There is also the “Colored Valley”, which is one of the natural wonders and one of the historical shrines in the Sinai Peninsula. It is a group of sand rocks in red, yellow, purple, crimson and gold colors and reaches a height of 40 meters. In some places.

There is also the city of Dahab, which is a piece of gold on the shore of the Red Sea. The city of Dahab has transformed from a small, quiet area into a vibrant tourist village, and one of the most attractive places for tourists from all over the world, where a Bedouin night is held in Mount Al-Tawilat, and the city is also blessed. Dahab with all its nature, activities, various services and excellent shopping, and it also has tourist attractions such as the Abu Galum Reserve, Rahma Nabq and the Magic Lake, and there are also beautiful sandy beaches .


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